Sunday, August 14, 2011

The World is Full

In the first and only article I've read by Friedman that doesn't somehow link cell phones, cameras and facebook to various political and environmental problems, "The World is Full" addresses the problem of raising food prices, gas prices, and global warming. Friedman claims they are all related in a big loop. The spike in food prices caused by global warming causes the arabs to increase gas prices which somehow leads to even higher food prices. Factories becoming more efficient and needing less people in them cause the need for a higher amount of factories to create more jobs which makes more global warming. Friedman also claims that the human population is using earth's resources at 150% the replenishable rate which means eventually the earth will not be able to support the current amount of humans. The solution Friedman presents? people will have to accept living with less and find ways to be more happy with less stuff. How anyone will convince super rich business men that they can live without as much nice stuff just like the less rich people I don't know but it's either that or "We allow collapse to overtake us".

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